5 Real Estate Lead Generation Ideas for Open Houses

Most agents stick to traditional marketing efforts for open houses. We’re talking about flyers, yard signs, and print advertising. However, to make sure you’re marketing your listing to its fullest potential, you’ll need to think outside the box. Ensure you’re maximizing your ROI on your next open house with these 5 real estate lead generation ideas. 

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Nest Thermostat E: First Thoughts and Impressions

I’ve wanted one of these things for years – and this past month, I finally got one. The Nest Thermostat E is the latest rendition of the now-famous “learning thermostat” that has changed the way people control the climate in their homes. After trying (and loving) the Nest Cam Outdoor (see my review here), I […]

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Zurple Product Update – Email Improvements

Whether you are a buyer’s agent, listing agent, or broker, you’ll need to keep your database up to date on current listings available in your market. However, leads need something more than just listing updates. Sending leads listings with messaging tailored to their needs will increase your email reply rate. That’s why the Zurple team created Email Listing Flyers. Below we’ll be dissecting what these improvements are and how it will help you generate real estate leads.

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How to Stay in Touch with Your Real Estate Leads & Clients

With Q4 already underway, your pipeline maybe feeling a bit frozen. However, now is the time to fine tune your marketing and get in touch with distance real estate clients and leads. Try the five marketing ideas below to convert leads and generate referrals from past clients.

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Window World Review: Before & After Video and More

I recently decided to replace all the old windows in one of my duplexes (24 windows in total). Ever since I bought this property back in 2011, this was something I always felt needed to be done, but I held off on it for years because from a cash flow standpoint, it was hard to […]

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Looking for a Wonderful Home to Love in Virginia Beach

Everybody is dreaming to have a location at which to live employee as a student, parent etc. It is hard to find a place that is really liked where to move and you always need a support of a professional. Kristie Weaver is the individual who can help you find the residence that is best ever. Being the owner of a bid real estate company, she is in touch with all the news and trends in this area, being able to supply you the versions for your requirements. Virginia Beach luxury homes is actually the most important profile which she is oriented on. If you have always dreamed to have your own home place and now it is the moment when you’re able to afford it you need to pay attention. In this article you’ll find some advantages why her real estate company is a success and why to make use of her solutions.

Kristie Weaver is a master in the realtor area. Having a experience, she’s able to handle a company and a website, in which her team has achieved plenty of a success and public. Why is she famous? Her website is of finding location for suitable costs in Virginia a platform. In addition, she does not work only with providers and companies. The main circle of curiosity is the new construction homes Virginia Beach. There, you have the ability to get an accommodation for your price range and you can profit from the rental services in your city. Another reason is that you are able to register on the site and start your process of locating and receive help from Kristie’s team’s part. Luxurious homes Chesapeake VA as well as new construction homes in Hampton Roads is what you may find there and gain form.
In conclusion, there is an enormous demand of realtors in Hampton Roads in Virginia. That’s why, you can benefit from the offerings from Kristie Weaver. Then you may consider these rental services acceptable for easing your search if you wish to have your personal place to live with your family. Don’t be afraid start a new page of your own life and to change your life and move to an astonishing apartment or home with your dears.
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Zurple Product Update: Message Log Added to Back Office

Here at Zurple we are constantly adding new features to our Back Office. With our latest addition, the Message Log, you’ll be able to better manage your buyer and seller leads. The Message Log functions as an inbox for your entire sales pipeline. Instead of following up with leads from both your Back Office and Outlook, you can now do everything directly from one place: the Message Log. Below we will explain how the Message Log works and how it will benefit your sales pipeline

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Why IDX Sites are Better than Non-IDX Sites for Real Estate Websites

We understand it may be overwhelming having so many different companies pitching you their real estate website services. We get it. As agents, you want a website that will bring you results. Something to consider when choosing a website host is if you want a website with or without IDX.

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