4 Reasons Real Estate Lead Generation Software Doesn’t Always Work

Time and time again, we are approached by real estate agents who’ve failed to generate viable leads using another lead generation product. The trouble is many don’t agents know what qualities their lead generation software was missing in order to generate a sustainable amount of leads. We’ve outlined below some of the most common reasons lead generation software fails to generate any leads. Be sure your next marketing investment offers a solution to the four problems listed below.

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The Land Flipping Lifecycle

A few months ago, I discovered a fascinating page on Landlordology.com called The Landlord Lifecycle. This was something my friend Lucas Hall told me about, and I thought it was a pretty brilliant way to map out the process that all self-managing landlords have to understand and work through as their starting and building their […]

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Product Update: Zurple is Now Integrated with Dotloop

Dotloop is the real estate industry’s premier transaction management software tool. It puts the agent, client, vendor, and associates in an information loop with one another by creating a single location for all transaction materials. This gives agents the ability to manage the entire transaction through one portal.

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Best spot To reside If you need to Be Near Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is among the fastest growing areas on the northeastern of the us. The Bradenton area boasts great weather all year long, with a long autumn and spring, a gentle winter as well as a pleasant summer. The weather is not the only need to choose Virginia Beach. This city is found the Hampton Roads area of Virginia – several seven cities around the Chesapeake Bay. Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Suffolk join Virginia Beach of this type called “America’s First Region.” Virginia Beach is the locations the settlers bound for America’s first permanent settlement of Jamestown Virginia landed.
Virginia Beach is really a resort town with a huge selection of hotels, motels, and restaurants along its miles-long ocean front. Virginia Beach has several state parks, three military bases, numerous large corporations and 2 universities.
Still need convincing?

Here are some of the facts:
Virginia Beach is often a friendly city that is full of southern charm. Though it may be has nearly half a million residents, they may be ready having a smile in order to offer assistance. It’s still a cosmopolitan place with theaters and concerts that are much like The big apple, and better shopping than most other places, too.
Do you think you’re a foodie? There are 287 restaurants within fifteen miles with the center of town. Such as a lot of the popular restaurant chains along with a lot of “best kept secrets” you’ll love finding and looking for yourself. Just outside of town, you will find lovely farms that produce an abundance of peaches, strawberries, blueberries only to mention a few.
Wish to golf? You will find 35 public golf courses within this city. Try one or give them a go all and soon you find your favorite.
Love the beach? This city is vast which is bordered by the Atlantic on the east and also the Chesapeake Bay about the North. Beach activities abound and there’s always something occurring. Oceanfront bashes punctuate the tourist season which runs from Memorial Day until Labor Day. With miles of beaches, getting a spot that’s not crowded is straightforward!
Virginia Beach is more than merely great beaches. The location center offers quite a bit taking place, too. For the entire summer, there are festivals ranging from music festivals to art shows.
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8 Signs a Real Estate Lead Isn’t Serious About Purchasing a Home

2017 is a seller’s market, meaning buyers are at a disadvantage. Many aspiring home owners this year will team up with agents, only to never find their dream home. As a buyer’s agent nothing is more frustrated than allocating time and money towards a lead, only to never close a deal. That’s why we’ve created a checklist below. Beware of these of 8 signs that a real estate lead might be wasting your time.

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Is Your Morning Routine Sabatoging Your Real Estate Career?

Real estate agents have a lot in common with entrepreneurs and small business owners. All make the decision each day of whether or not they’d like to be successful. This is why having a productive morning routine is so important as a real estate agent. We’ve outline tips below to ensure you maximize your productivity each morning.


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How to Manage Your Real Estate Leads Without Losing Your Mind

Many agents fail to convert leads, because they are not managing leads effectively. Many real estate teams manage leads ineffectively because they are either (1) Using an out-of-date CRM or (2) Not taking full advantage of their CRM. Nurturing leads until conversion takes great patience and attention to detail. With the right CRM agents can save time and increase conversion rates. Automating features such as lead follow-up, note taking, and distribution will make all interactions with leads seamless. Follow the tips below to better manage your leads and maximize your potential for conversion.

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